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Peter Griess's blog

HTTP content negotiation with typemaps

Use typemaps to configure HTTP content negotiation.

HTTP content negotiation on AWS CloudFront Part 2

Implement Content-Type negotiation to serve WebP to browsers that support it, without User-Agent sniffing!

HTTP content negotiation on AWS CloudFront

Implement Content-Negotiation negotiation in JavaScript on Lambda@Edge to serve compressed content (including Brotli!) to browsers that support it.

Simple AWS Request Signing

A dependency-free Python2/3 module and CLI tool that can sign AWS requests.

HTTP Response sizes and TCP

HTTP response sizes and TCP interact in surprising ways that can affect performance.

How to stream MP3 audio from Rdio

How does Rdio stream MP3s and what can we do to get access to the un-encrypted content?

NodeJS and V8

A response to the claim that NodeJS's reliance on V8 renders it un-suitable for server-side work.

Benchmarking Web Socket servers with wsbench

Using wsbench to benchmark WebSocket servers, including support for scripted interactions.

Using sendfile(2) with NodeJS

Using sendfile(2) to transfer static files from disk can be a significant performance win. Here's how to do it using NodeJS.

More intelligent HTTP routing with NodeJS

Parse HTTP requests and act on request properties before routing them upstream using NodeJS.

Design of Web Workers for NodeJS

Technical design specification and rationale for the node-webworkers NPM module.